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The Ultimate Guide to National Letter Writing Month

National Letter Writing Month is here and Yardia can help you out in taking advantage of this opportunity to reconnect with friends and loved ones in a meaningful, handwritten way. You may be wondering, how can I get back into letter-writing when I'm so used to social media and technology? How can I slow down and really take a mindful approach to my relationships? Writing a personal letter can be a wonderful way to appreciate those you care about at a slower, more meaningful pace.

Here are all of my tips and suggestions for National Letter Writing Month:  

Why to write:

Need a little more inspiration on why you should write more letters? Here are two articles to inspire your writing process. 

Why you should write more handwritten cards

How late can I send a thank you card? 

Who to write to:

Struggling to figure out who to write to during National Letter Writing Month? There are so many options out there, including organizations you can connect with and ideas on what to write in your letters. Here are my top articles on who to write during National Letter Writing Month.

5 people you should send a card to this month

How to celebrate National Letter Writing Month

What and how to write:

Need some tips on how to compose your letter? Looking for ways to send a letter for a particular occasion like a sympathy card or thank you card? Here are some special occasions when you might write a card, and some tips on what to write:

How to use a best wishes card (and what to write inside!)

Thoughtful thank you card messages

How to write a pet loss sympathy card

How to write a thank you card with kids

How to write a belated birthday card

What cards should I buy?

Want to get your hands on some stationery to get started on your letter-writing challenge? Here are a few of my top picks:

Favorite cards for National Letter Writing Month

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