How to write a pet loss sympathy card

What should you write in a pet loss sympathy card?

With our dogs and cats (and other pets) such strong members of our families, a pet's death can be nearly or just as much of a source of grief as losing any other loved one. When a friend has lost their pet, how can you send a message of sympathy?

Here are a few suggestions on what to write in a pet loss sympathy card:

Write from the heart.

No matter what you choose to say, as long as you are speaking from the heart, your sympathy will shine through. Send your message of sympathy and empathy for your friend's grieving process. When you write honestly, thoughtfully and with your heart and authentic voice, your message of love and support comes across clearly.

Share a favorite memory of the pet.

Like any beloved family member, you might have happy or funny memories to share about your experiences with your friend's pet. Share how you remember their cat stealing all the wool socks, or about the time when you joined them in searching for the dog who decided to take a solo field trip to a nearby neighborhood creek. Any personal memory of the pet can help share your connection and love.

Offer specific support.

If your friend or their entire family is having a particularly difficult time coping with their grief, consider offering specific support. Some options might be to bring over a meal, do a load of laundry or watch the kids for an evening. Sometimes this can be an stronger message of help than a more general offer of "let me know if I can do anything."

Make a donation to an animal charity.

If you'd like to send a gift in addition to your card, a donation to an animal charity can be a thoughtful touch. Consider making a donation in the name of the pet to a rescue organization or local shelter. Losing a pet isn't easy, but we can support our friends and families in this situation with thoughtful pet loss sympathy cards. 

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