How to write a belated birthday card

Since I'm a card designer with a full stock of greeting cards always available to me, you might think that I'm always on top of sending out cards on time. This is not the case! Like many people I can be terrible at managing to be on time with greeting cards, which is one of the reasons why I recently created a Happy Belated Birthday card--one that I'm sure I'll love using on the regular.

If you fall into the same struggle as I do, then you might be wondering how to write a belated birthday card. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to write a belated birthday card: 

Acknowledge that the birthday greeting is late.

Some options on things to write include:

  • Happy belated birthday.
  • So sorry to have missed your birthday. 

Wish a happy birthday.

Simple as that! 

Offer gratitude and birthday wishes.

Mention what you're grateful for in knowing the birthday recipient, or offer birthday wishes for their upcoming year. Some options include:

  • I'm so grateful to have you as a friend.
  • I love your encouraging words and the support you've given me over the years.
  • I hope that your year ahead is fulfilling and gives you opportunities for travel, creativity and success! 

Consider a silly pun.

If you're using Yardia's banana slug belated birthday card, you can consider including one of the messages that I didn't end up using for the cover of the card:

  • You finally made it to 40 [or fill in age here]!
  • Hope your birthday was bananas!
  • Sorry so slow, happy birthday.
  • Hope you were able to take it slow on your birthday. 

Hope this helps! These are a few heartfelt suggestions on how to write a belated birthday card. 

Find the banana slug belated birthday card here!

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