Favorite Cards for National Letter Writing Month

Happy National Letter Writing Month! Here are some of my favorite cards for National Letter Writing Month that I've created, along with some favorite postage stamps to make sending handwritten letters even more fun.

Cards for your crystal loving friend

One of my new best-selling cards, this crystal grid luck card is perfect for that friend of yours who can tell you exactly which crystal you should meditate with to clear up your crown chakra. Send this card with a message of appreciation for her vast knowledge of crystal grids and full moon rituals.

Cards for your outdoorsy friend

Another new best-seller, this Take Care of Yourself card is inspired by my favorite form of self care: going outside, exploring nature, and staring up at the moon and stars. Whether you have a friends who invites you hiking every weekend, or who encourages you to notice the small details in nature, send this card to make note of how much you appreciate their outdoorsy enthusiasm.

Cards for your parents

Nothing like sending your parents a note of gratitude in the mail, especially when you live far away. My Thanks, Mom card is inspired by local sea otters who hold hands in order to stay together in the ocean, reminding me of how my mom always had to grab my hand before I daydreamily wandered into the street when at crosswalks as a child. My Thanks, Dad card is inspired by my dad's encouragement of my DIY tendencies, teaching me the tools, math and construction strategies that allowed me to build my own fences, garden structures and chicken coop for my yard.

Cards for your loved one

My most popular love card is certainly my Fir Ever card featuring a Douglas Fir. This is universally appropriate for all genders, and will help you to express your love for your Pacific Northwest, outdoorsy or nature enthusiast partner.

Favorite USPS postage stamps

To make sending cards even more fun, I always love to have on hand a collection of fun stamps and accessories. My absolute favorite USPS Forever stamp to use is the interactive total eclipse of the sun stamp. You guys, it's heat sensitive and will change from the heat of your thumb to reveal an image of the moon!

I also love the national parks forever stamps which feature some of the most beautiful reminders of how wonder-filled the natural world can be.

Enjoy the rest of National Letter Writing Month! For even more ideas on people to send cards to, visit my post on 5 people you should send a card to this month.

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favorite cards for national letter writing month