Operating Hours

What are Yardia's operating hours? Hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM and Fridays from 9:00 AM -12:00 PM Pacific Time, excluding holidays. You can typically expect a response to your message or question during these times. Please note that Yardia is a one-woman business, so I appreciate your flexibility and patience when awaiting a response to your message!


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When will my order ship? Ready-to-ship orders ship from Seattle within 2-4 business days, excluding holidays. Print on demand apparel items ship from my printing partner within 3-5 business days in the off season, and within 5-7+ business days in November-December. 

Once your order ships, please note that shipping times are unpredictable and cannot be guaranteed. I (and the mail carriers doing the hard work of delivery) appreciate your patience!

Can I schedule a local pick up instead? If you'd like to pick up your order from my front porch in West Seattle, please write a note in the gift message section at checkout with the day and general time you'd prefer to pick up, and then I'll be in touch about availability. Please make sure that you include an email I can contact you at, too. Pick up is generally available Mondays through Thursdays, with some exceptions.

Where can I buy Yardia products locally if I don't want to deal with shipping? Curated selections of my work are carried in over 200 independent shops in the US and Canada. Use this list to find a store near you.

The tracking says my package has been delivered, but I haven't received it. What should I do? Most often, your package has either been misdelivered to a nearby address, or picked up by another household member/roomate/neighbor in the same complex. You'll want to start by filling out this USPS form so that your local postal carrier can check if they delivered it to the wrong address, and then redeliver. You can also check with your local post office in person. In the rare case your package has been stolen or is otherwise missing within the postal system, you can then file a claim with USPS.

The tracking says my package has been delivered and is being held at my local post office. What should I do? Wait until at least the next mail day before you do anything! This is a situation that has come up a couple times recently, and in both cases, the package was delivered to the recipient's house on the next mail day.

When should I order holiday cards? I generally recommend ordering holiday cards by the first week of November. You can learn more at my blog post of my recommended holiday card ordering timeline, last updated in 2021. 

What are Yardia's US Christmas order deadlines? Shipping delivery times cannot be guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. To be safe, I recommend placing orders at least three weeks prior to any holiday or event like a birthday in order to have the best bet of receiving the shipment on time. 

Holiday deadlines for 2023 will be determined in the Fall. For reference, in 2022, Yardia's order-by deadlines for Christmas shipping were:

  • Camp Mugs, Baby One Pieces & Totes: December 4th
  • All Other Products: December 15th

Please note that made-to-order items (apparel, camp mugs & totes) require 5-7+ business days production time BEFORE they ship from my production partner in Arizona. For all other items, please expect AT LEAST 3 weeks of shipping time once the order has shipped from Seattle. Sometimes it does take longer to get through the postal system, particularly during times of unpredictable weather or higher shipping loads (i.e. the holiday season).

Does Yardia offer international shipping? Shipping is only available in the US at the present moment, due to challenges with international shipping, including delays and missing packages. 

Custom and personalized orders

Can I order a custom painting? No, I'm currently unavailable to take on custom paintings or other custom projects.

Do you create custom wedding invitations? Although I'm unavailable for custom invitation projects, I designed and illustrated a Pacific Northwest-inspired wedding invitation suite for Zola, available in sunrise, sunset and night colorways. Shop the Atchison Suite.

Can you change the words or image of this card or art print? Due to the nature of watercolor painting and the printing process, products are not possible to be customized.

Can I order this print in a different size? No, all art prints are only available in the size listed.

Can I order a card in bulk quantities? Yes, most holiday cards are available as a 6-pack option in addition to single cards. For non-holiday card bulk pricing (100+ cards), contact me with your specific request, including which card design you're interested in and the quantity needed so I can check pricing and availability.

Stockists and in-person shopping

Where can I purchase Yardia products in person? Yardia products are carried in over 200 stores in the United States. To find a store near you, visit: https://yardia.co/pages/stockists.

What craft shows will you be at? I participate in a limited number of craft shows in the Seattle area each year. You can see what's coming up on my Events page, or to stay up-to-date, sign up for the Yardia newsletter.

Wholesale availability

Do you sell wholesale to retailers? Yes! Yardia cards, art prints, camp mugs, stickers and gift wrap are available for wholesale. Please visit https://yardia.co/wholesale to complete the buyer application and to receive access to the Yardia wholesale catalog. Or, visit Yardia on Faire.

Discounts and sales

Do you have sales? While Yardia sales are rare, we occasionally offer coupons or exclusive sales to our mailing list. To be the first to know about upcoming sales and exclusive coupons, sign up for our mailing list.

Can I receive a discount on this/these product/s or get it for free? Yardia does not offer special discounts or free products to individuals, including influencers, outside of planned sales and coupons.

Product Information

Where are Yardia products made? Although I keep specific names of manufacturers and sources private, here's a bit of information about my sourcing process.

Stickers and paper goods: Made in US, specifically in Washington, California, Idaho, New Mexico and Michigan.

Print-On-Demand Camp Mugs, Baby Clothes and Tote Bags: Printed in Arizona, some blanks made in China. Seconds camp mugs were printed in Texas with mug blanks made in China.

Tea Towels and Sponge Cloths: Made by our friends in China. I’d really been wanting to explore overseas and China manufacturing for a while since some things I wanted to create I couldn’t find fully made in the US at a wholesale-appropriate level. I wanted to begin the process in as an informed and intentional way as I could, so I ended up taking a class on overseas manufacturing over the course of several months in early 2023. I found it so helpful to allow me to be more responsible about my relationship-building with manufacturers in general (both inside and outside of the US) and so that I could go step by step in finding the right certifications and companies to work with in China this time around. I’ve found the process to be really rewarding in getting to know the people I’m working with and a better sense of the supply chain process as a whole! 

Where can I buy frames for my art prints? Yardia art prints are standard size, so you can purchase ready-made frames anywhere that sells them! This blog post lists some of my favorite inexpensive framing options

What art supplies do you use to create your illustrations? I wrote this blog post about my favorite art supplies that I use when designing Yardia products.

Just For Fun

Where did the name Yardia come from? 

Short story: It’s a word I made up in art school to represent the concept of harmony in my work. 

Longer, weirder (funnier?) story: So, long ago, in college (I was a Painting major at RISD) I was really fascinated by harmony in nature and the coexistence of growth and decay as inspiration for my art. I also loved how certain words felt to say. One of the words that I got really into was the parasite giardia, which I thought was pronounced “yardia.” I loved how it sounded pretty, like a garden utopia, but that it was this parasite that you got from beautiful places, like drinking water from a waterfall. I was a weird kid! I started using the word yardia in reference to a lot of the artwork I was producing, and so later in 2008 when I decided to open up an Etsy shop, Yardia made the most sense as my shop name. And it’s stuck ever since!

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