How to write a thank you card with kids

Writing thank you cards after receiving gifts is a life skill that kids can work on to build practices in empathy and gratitude that they'll carry into adulthood. Teaching children how to write thank you cards can be a fun activity, too! Here are a few suggestions on how to write thank you cards with kids. 

Teach children how to formally start and end a letter.

This is a great opportunity to practice how a friendly letter begins with a formal greeting (Dear,) and ends with a concluding sign off (Love, sincerely, best wishes, thanks again). 

Write a meaningful message of gratitude.

Chat with your kids about what they love about the gift, or about how they've used it. Encourage them to include this specific message in the card. 

Include a drawing of the gift.

A great way to engage kids, even children too young to write, is to encourage them to draw a picture of themselves playing with their new gift. They can also add decorations to the letter with stickers or doodles to make it even more personalized. 

Help your kids to address the envelope.

It can also be fun for kids to learn how to address the envelope and practice where the return address, mailing address and stamp are placed. When I taught communication skills to fifth graders, this was often a new experience for most of my students and they were always excited to address the envelope after writing their cards. 

Let your kids help you select which thank you card to purchase.

Yardia has a great selection of thank you cards in our online shop. Your kids can help you to choose the perfect one, or you can choose our bundle of six cards for the price of five. 

Writing thank you cards with kids can be fun, educational and a meaning way to spread gratitude and appreciation. Enjoy these tips on how to write thank you cards with kids. 

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