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How to use a best wishes card (and what to write inside!)

Best wishes cards are great everyday celebration cards that can be used for many occasions. I love them because I can keep them on hand so that I'm never without a small token of celebration for any number of special events that come up for my family and friends.

I believe that the best way to write a message inside a card is to say something affirming, genuine and with heart. A best wishes card gives me the flexibility to do that within the scope of many different occasions.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use best wishes cards:


One of the most common events to use a best wishes card is for birthdays. A simple happy birthday message written by hand on the inside of the card will personalize it when a birthday comes up for anyone in your life. You can even keep a couple of best wishes cards in your desk at work so you're never without a way to celebrate a co-worker's birthday or other special event.


Wishing others the best is a common statement when embarking on a new stage of life, particularly to commemorate a student's graduation from high school or college. Inside the card, write what you've admired or appreciated about the graduate, such as their ambition, resilience or dedication to their studies. I still have a card that was given to me at my high school graduation because of the personal message written inside--it affirms my independence and self-awareness, and I felt so grateful to receive those messages at a time of transition that I've held onto the card with my other childhood mementos.

Wedding and Engagement

Congratulate the happy couple on their engagement or marriage with a best wishes card. This is an opportunity to state what you love about the couple's relationship or what it's meant to see them so happy together.

Career Congratulations

Consider sending a card when a friend or loved one makes a big step in their career, such as a promotion, new job or when they strike out on their own as an entrepreneur. I can say from experience that each of these moments can bring a tremendous amount of simultaneous excitement and fear, so messages of encouragement can go a long way in helping the person to feel connected to their community. Sending a handwritten message of support, love, congratulations and encouragement can mean so much more to the person making a step in their career than you might imagine. State how proud you are of their step and acknowledge how hard they've worked to get there.

Good luck

Perhaps a loved one is moving to a new state or country, or embarking on another new adventure. Use a best wishes card to tell them how much you've appreciated their friendship over the time you've known them, and how excited you are for their next step. Wish them luck and encourage them to keep in touch in whatever means makes the most sense.

Favorite Best Wishes Cards

Here at Yardia, I currently carry two outdoorsy best wishes cards.

The best wishes mushrooms card features a dark background with a comforting woodland border of mushrooms and other forest details. Customers love the mushrooms on this card because it's currently one of my only products to feature mushrooms! This card makes for a great congratulations card with a subtly magical appeal. It would be perfect to send to a new graduate or even for a woodland wedding.

The best fishes card is from my newest collection inspired by rivers and fishing. It's the perfect card to keep on hand for your favorite fisherman or fisherwoman. Featuring a variety of trout on both the front and back exterior of the card, this is a great catch ;) to send when someone has landed a new job, or for an upcoming birthday.

What other events can you congratulate a friend or loved one with a best wishes card?

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