Thoughtful thank you card messages

When writing a thank you card for a birthday, holiday or other gift, it's important to express heartfelt gratitude and thoughtful thanks. Here are three ideas for writing thoughtful thank you card messages.

What to write when you love the gift

Sincerely express your gratitude and tell the gift giver how much the gift means to you. Express your gratitude for your relationship, and acknowledge the time and effort the gift giver took to find the perfect gift.

Example: I don't know how you did it, but you really managed to find the perfect gift that I never  realized I needed in my life. The painting perfectly expresses my style, and it makes me smile whenever I see it. I hung it up in my kitchen so that I can be inspired by it all the time! I'm so grateful for our friendship and I'll think of you every time I see this painting on my wall.

What to write for a useful gift

Express your gratitude and tell the gift giver how you've been using the gift, and how it's made a difference in your life. If you'll be using the gift every day, mention it! Sometimes the most practical gifts are the best ones, because they save the recipient time they might have spent seeking out the item themselves.

Example: Thank you so much for the vacuum cleaner. Having moved into our new home, it's taken some time to make sure we have everything to keep our household running smoothly, and you really helped us to check this one off the list and keep our home looking just as new as when we bought it. We're so grateful for your practical gift since it's something we've needed and will be using with regularity!

What to write when you don't like the gift

If a gift simply isn't something you want or particularly need, don't try to fake an overemphasis on how much you like it. Instead, focus on the thoughtfulness of the gift giver and your relationship with them.

Example: Thank you so much for the coffee maker. I'm so grateful to have you as a family member and I appreciate that you noticed that I love to drink coffee! It was great to see you this year at the family holiday party and I look forward to catching up with you again next Christmas, or sooner.

Writing personal thank you cards for gifts you've received is a thoughtful way to express your gratitude for both the gift and the relationship you have with the person who gave the gift. Use these three thoughtful thank you card messages to inspire your own meaningful thank you cards.

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