You belong here.

You're a nature lover, a gardener, a hiker. For you, being in the outdoors is a wonder and a sanctuary.

Hi, I'm Brigida. I create art to help you express your intersectional identities and love the place you live.

I'm a queer multiracial CHamoru watercolor artist from Seattle and the founder of Yardia. I create Pacific Northwest-inspired cards, gifts and home decor for gardeners, hikers and nature lovers like you. 

Yardia is built upon five core values: nature, creativity, empathy, belonging, and harmony.

These values are interconnected and symbiotic--they nurture each other and determine the direction of the path that Yardia moves along. They're connected to my personal values, to the ancestral values of my CHamoru heritage, and to the Pacific Northwest culture in which I was raised.

I'm proud to have built Yardia into the full time business it is today, and that I can support myself through my art. Every decision I make for my business is crafted with intention, and with love for the work and for folks like you.

In line with Yardia's core values, a portion of your purchase supports the work of local social justice and environmental charities through my Shop For Good program.

You can also find Yardia products in over 250 stores in the United States. Want to become a wholesale customer? Visit the wholesale page or find Yardia on Faire.

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Want to learn more about my business journey and my philosophy of prioritizing contentment over growth? You can check out my interview on the Proof To Product podcast.

two camp mugs with coffee

Yardia's Core Values:


Nature is sacred and a source of wonder, awe and interconnection. In forming a personal relationship with nature, we begin to belong to the land we inhabit, to learn from it and give back to it in return. I believe in fresh air, in getting outdoors every day, and that nature is for everybody. I believe in loving the place you live.


Art has the power to express the complexities of emotions for the moments when words aren't enough. I believe in the inherent value of the creative process, in the communion that exists between the paint and the painter. By learning from our actions, successes and mistakes, creativity leads to growth, both internally and externally.


Empathy stems from connection. Taking the time to write a card by hand and send it through the post can make all the difference to the person who most needs it. I believe in listening, gratitude and patience. Empathy is about meeting people where they are, listening to their needs and how they wish to be treated, and receiving the same level of humanity and consideration in return.


A sense of belonging is built locally, one person and one independent store at a time. We each deserve to belong and to be seen. Listening and action often serve us more strongly than talk alone. I believe in the power of diversity and inclusion to foster creativity and growth, and in the kind of community in which we're no longer an "only," but instead one where we can experience a true sense of belonging.


Harmony is discovered through slowing down and defining boundaries. I believe in the power of naps, weekends and time off. By taking the time to percolate, we can more thoughtfully determine the choices that align most with what’s true for each of us and our visions. Boundaries and structure help build long term sustainability in business and in life. I believe in deliberation, in thoughtfulness and in the big picture.