Yardia Pacific Northwest cards, art prints, mugs, gift wrap

Hi, I'm Brigida Swanson of Yardia. I create Pacific Northwest-inspired cards and gifts for nature lovers. A customer recently told me that she started tearing up a little bit when she picked up one of my cards, and that’s how she knew she needed to buy it. This is why I do what I do, to help my customers express sentiments that can be hard to say out loud, through heartfelt products that speak for themselves with empathy and a little bit of magic. 

Through Yardia, I create watercolor illustrations that are printed onto a variety of gift and paper goods. Yardia products give voice to what remains constant and true: that there’s magic in nature, there’s empathy to be found in connection and there's harmony in the community we build together. It all starts with a simple card, carefully selected artwork or lovingly wrapped gift, reaching out from one person to another and seeing the good and wonder in each other.

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