How late can I send a thank you card?

Have you been asking yourself, how late can I send a thank you card? You've received a birthday present, or stayed at a friend's house, or received so many wedding gifts that you feel overwhelmed. Your thank you cards are waiting for you, but so much time has gone by that you're now wondering, is it too late to send that thank you card?

The answer is that while it's always best to express your gratitude as soon as possible, it's never too late to say thank you.

Thank you cards a few days late

A few days later than expected? No need to apologize, just get started on your note of thanks with gratitude and sincerity. Set aside some time and you might be surprised that it's easier or quicker that you anticipated. No more procrastinating!

Example: Thank you so much for your gift! I've started to use it in my house and it really has made a difference.

Thank you cards a few weeks late

A few weeks later than expected? If your thank you cards are a few weeks late, then you might consider acknowledging the time that has passed with an additional note of thanks.

Example: Thank you for your patience in receiving this belated thank you. I'm so grateful for your gift!

Thank you cards months or years late

A few months or years late? If the gift has really meant a lot to you, then say so. You might just surprise and please the gift giver by noting how much of a difference their gift made in your life.

Example: I often think of you every time I use your gift, and even though many months have passed, I wanted to reach out and let you know just how grateful I am.

What else should I write in my thank you card?

If you're uncertain what else to say in your thank you card, visit my post on tips and examples of thoughtful thank you card messages for when you've received gifts you love, useful gifts, and gifts you're not super excited about.

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