How to celebrate National Letter Writing Month

April is National Letter Writing Month! This is such a wonderful time of year to reconnect with old friends, express your gratitude and love for the people who've made a difference in your life, and simply surprise and delight your friends and loved ones with a friendly card in their mailboxes.

Today I'm helping you out with a weekly letter-writing challenge to take you through the month. Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate National Letter Writing Month.


Week 1: Write a letter to a friend

National Letter Writing Month is a great excuse to catch up with old friends who have moved away from your neighborhood. There's nothing more meaningful than a thoughtful handwritten letter (it's soo much more personal than a text or email!) and this is an opportunity to reminisce about passing notes in class when you were kids, or sharing what's going on in your daily life today. I'm always so excited to receive something other than junk mail in my mailbox at home, and you can be the person to brighten a friend's day with a simple mailed card.

Card of choice: Thinking of You or Sisterhood is Powerful


Week 2: Write a letter to a teacher

I currently work part time as a middle school art teacher, and some of the most meaningful gifts I've received have been cards and letters from students.

Is there a teacher who made an impact in your life? Have you told them? Find your teacher's or school's address, and write a simple thank you to let your former teacher know how much you appreciated having them in your life. The work of a teacher isn't easy, and that small effort on your part to share your gratitude will make a huge impact in their day.

Card of choice: Ever so Grateful


Week 3: Write a lunchbox note to your partner or child

Be a little sneaky and slip a card into the lunchbox or lunch bag of your partner or child. You don't have to write much--even a quick motivational message or love note will bring a smile to their face when they sit down to lunch in the middle of the school day or work day. Again, this doesn't take much effort to bring a spark of happiness to an otherwise regular weekday for your loved one.

Cards of choice: The Mountain is Out and You're Sweet


Week 4: Write a letter to your mom for Mother's Day

For the last week of National Letter Writing Month, take the time to write and send a Mother's Day card to your mom, or any other mom-like figure in your life. Mother's Day is May 12th, so it's the perfect time to get ahead of schedule on this gift, especially if your mom doesn't live nearby.

Tell your mom how much she's inspired you, and encourage her to take a day of self care. You could even add your letter to a gift box of her favorite treats to mail her, just like how she might have sent you care packages when you were away at camp or college.

Card of choice: Mama Bear


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