3 inexpensive and stylish frames to display art prints

 How can you frame art prints? Here are 3 inexpensive and stylish frames to display your new Yardia art prints.


Yardia art prints come in two standard sizes: 8" x 10" and 11" x 14". One of the main benefits of purchasing art prints in standard sizes is that you can save a significant amount of money on framing. While custom framing can cost upwards of $80-100, purchasing a standard frame is often under $30 and easily found in big box stores and small frame shops alike.


I tend to prefer frames that keep the focus on the artwork by having a very simple style. I usually go for wood frames that are either white, black or natural unpainted wood. Here are a few of my favorite frames to use for Yardia art prints. Most of these options are available in white or black.


IKEA RIBBA frame in black. Outside dimensions, 12" x 16", fits an 8" x 10" print. 


This is definitely the cheapest option, and it's simple enough to work in most décor style situations. The one caveat to this frame is that the front window is made of plastic instead of glass. It still works well, but doesn't have quite the same level of quality that a glass front window provides. Because of this, while I used to purchase this frame most frequently for my work, I've started to use the following Target options even more.


Target Made By Design frame in white. Outside dimensions 12" x15", fits an 8" x 10" print with mat and an 11" x 14" without the mat. 


This is my favorite go-to frame for art prints and original paintings. It fits an 8 x 10 print with the included mat, and will also fit an 11 x 14 print without the mat. The white frame is clean and simple, so it goes with any décor style while keeping the focus on the art. I usually order it online and then either have it delivered if I'm purchasing enough to give me free shipping, or I'll pick it up in the store. Easy peasy!


Target Made By Design frame in white. Outside dimensions 16" x 20", mat fits an 11" x 14" print. 


If you prefer to have a mat to set off your 11 x 14 art print, then this is a good option. Again, it's clean and simple, so it allows the artwork to shine without a lot of distraction from an ornate frame.


My philosophy on framing artwork is that the artwork should be the star, not the frame. This is why I choose to use very simple frames for my art prints. This method also has the benefit of frames being easily found at all sorts of stores, so I'm never without a resource.


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