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Favorite Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is less than a month away, and orders are already coming from folks seeking meaningful gifts and cards for their dads. Here are a few of my favorite Father's Day gifts and cards combinations.

For the homebrew dad

One of my customers recently purchased this hop vine camping mug paired perfectly with the Hoppy Father's Day card. This card was inspired by my experiences learning to brew my own beer using all of the equipment my dad handed down to me, and my memories of the scent of hops, malt and grains simmering on the kitchen stove during my childhood. Whether the dad in your life brews his own beer, or whether he's simply a craft beer enthusiast, this hoppy mug and homebrew card will celebrate him on his special day.

For the outdoorsy dad

favorite Fathers Day gifts

Each year, I design a new Father's Day card with the intention to give it to my dad. This year, my dad will be receiving the Thanks, Dad card, featuring a father and daughter admiring the cabin they built together. It makes a great match with the outdoorsy fishing mug that illustrates a Chinook salmon and steelhead trout. If your dad is the type who taught you how to fish and how to build and repair things around the house, then this is the perfect gift and card combination to give.

Find even more Father's Day cards, such as this one for a new dad, and gifts like camping mugs and art prints in the Yardia shop. Order today to get your gifts in time for Father's Day!