Dorm Decor

The summer market season is winding down and back-to-school is gearing up. Some of my favorite customers to visit my tent during summer markets this year were the recent high school graduates transitioning to young adulthood and picking out art prints for their college dorms.

Seeing their excitement and deliberation in choosing exactly how they wanted to represent their identities through the way they planned to decorate their walls reminded me of both my own experience of moving across the country to attend RISD at eighteen, as well as reminding me of my former students who were about to begin their college and art school experiences as well.

Dorm décor is such a fun combination of showing the world who you want to be as a young adult while staying within the no-nail and fire safety rules to avoid dorm fines at the end of the year. Yardia art prints are lightweight enough to stay in place on the wall with a little bit of washi tape, while sturdy enough to avoid damage to the prints after they're removed at the end of the school year.

Here are a few of the trending dorm décor art prints college kids wanted most during my summer markets. They'd make great care packages to send to your favorite freshman as they enter their first year of college!

Boho Lunar Cycles

The moon cycles art print brings a touch of boho style to an otherwise bland dorm room. Pair it with the solar eclipse and nevertheless, she persisted prints for a feminist, celestial triptych.

Botanical Northwest

The Pacific Northwest Wildflowers and Trees art prints are always some of my best-selling prints, and they're a great way to bring an artistic reminder of the Northwest's flora and fauna into your dorm room when you're missing the Northwest's outdoors.

Home Sweet Neighborhood

This summer, I began to release my new in-progress Parks and Trails collection print by print. While I still have many more prints and neighborhoods to create as part of this collection, students from Magnolia and West Seattle flocked to these prints to take them with them to school. As one young woman said about the West Seattle print, "This is basically my entire childhood," since it featured all the parks she grew up with!

Not from either of these neighborhoods? Yardia's state symbols art print collection is a great alternative to bring a bit of home into your college dorm décor.

Whether you choose an empowered, boho, outdoorsy or Pacific Northwest theme for your dorm, Yardia has got you covered. Looking for more art prints? Visit the Yardia shop for more watercolor art to amplify your dorm decor. Plus, as an extra secret tip, Yardia's wrapping paper collection is a great inexpensive choice to decorate bulletin boards or textbooks.

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