How To Celebrate Thinking of You Week

Thinking of You Week is here! During the week of September 22-28, you're encouraged to send letters and cards through the mail each day.


This is such a meaningful way to reconnect with loved ones and old friends with a personalized card, and it's a fantastic way to support small businesses like your local stationery store or card designer.


Looking for ideas on cards to send for specific occasions or suggestions on what to write? Here are a few blog posts I've written that might spark your inspiration:


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Or if you really want to get ahead of the game: When Should I Send Holiday Cards?


I'm taking up the challenge by sending out handwritten cards to people who've made a difference in my life recently. Although "challenge" might be a bit of an overstatement because there are so many people I want to send a message of gratitude, friendship and well wishes!


I'm looking forward to the opportunity and excuse to reach out the analog way, with a small amount of effort and a whole lot of good feelings.


I think we can all use a little more delight in our mailboxes and human connection in our world, don't you? Won't you join me in Thinking of You Week?


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