Make Your Wish Come True

Remember last Christmas? You might have started thinking about gifts the weekend after Thanksgiving, placed a few online orders by the mid-December cut off date (or a little after if you're being honest), and rushed to finish up your shopping at a craft market a few days before Christmas.


This year is a little different.

While it might not be as easy or safe to head to markets or stores, 2020 gives us an opportunity to plan mindfully on how we'd like give gifts and send holiday greetings to our loved ones.
Throughout this month, I'll be sharing some ways to ease into the season of giving, so that you can create and embrace a slowness of fall and winter in this year in particular, when everything is both incredibly sped up and on pause at the same time.
In coming weeks, I'll be giving you a heads up on the adjusted timelines for holiday shopping and for sending out cards this year, as well as gift guide ideas to ease your planning.

But for today, let's focus on YOU. 

You can now create wish lists in the Yardia shop!

Yardia wishlist screenshot
Have you seen something you like? Heart the item (next to the buy button) to save to your wish list, and you won't need to search for it again. Find your wish list at the heart at the top of the website, next to the cart icon.
Plus, you can email your wish list to anyone you'd like to send a hint to and help them get started on their gift-giving plans too.

Start building your wish list!