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How to write a card for a career change

When a friend or loved one is making a career change, you might be wondering, "what should I write in a greeting card to celebrate their career leap?" Here are some suggestions of cards to send and what to write in greeting cards for people experiencing their first "real" job, people receiving a promotion, people who are retiring and people shifting into entrepreneurship. 

First Job

When a new college grad is entering the work force in their desired field for the first time, this is something to celebrate! You can acknowledge the hard work it's taken to make this first step, from completing a degree to experiencing internships to the potentially long process of interviewing. Tell the new hire that you're excited for all that they'll learn on this new journey, and offers words of encouragement, support or even advice as they enter the workforce. Now's the time to take advantage of that retirement match at an early age!

Suggested greeting cards: Congrats ewe did it and Lucky Duck 


Congratulate your friend who has received a long-awaited and worked-for promotion through a sincere and handwritten greeting card. Tell your friend how proud of them you are for this big accomplishment and honor their new "boss" status. If you're coming from a place of experience in this kind of role, you can offer support or a time to chat for any questions or worries they might have about their next big step in their career. If you're coming from a different perspective, you can offer an ear to listen to hash out challenges that may inevitably come along the way with this kind of change and entering a larger space. A great gift resource to offer along with a greeting card is Tara Mohr's book Playing Big, especially the chapter describing two types of fear.

Suggested greeting card: There are wonders ahead 


What an accomplishment! When are coworker, boss, friend or family member has reached the point of retirement in their career, this is a great time to express your gratitude for everything you've learned from them of the course of working with them or knowing them personally. Share what you'll take away from their work ethic and acknowledge the positive legacy they'll leave behind.

Suggested greeting cards: Best wishes or Best fishes 


Is a friend or coworker leaving the nine-to-five to pursue their own company full time? This is a perfect time to offer encouragement, gratitude and support. Speaking from experience, this can be a time of equal amounts of fear, excitement and dread about "will this really work?" and "what if I fail?" Since your new entrepreneur friend is already hearing these kinds of phrases from their inner critic, you can serve as the supportive voice to share how you know their strengths in the workspace, their drive and creativity will see them through the highs and lows of working for themselves. These kinds of encouraging words written down in a card can be a supportive reminder when your friend needs a pick-me-up in future bouts of worry to help them tackle the next challenge on their route to success.

Suggested greeting card: Create your own luck 

Sending a handwritten greeting card to friends and coworkers about to take on career leaps can be a wonderful way to acknowledge their legacy and offer support in their future endeavors. 

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