Favorite Father's Day Cards

Father's Day is on June 16th, so now is the time to pick out your favorite Father's Day card to send to your dad, grandpa or other father figure. Here are some of Yardia's favorite Father's Day cards. 


Hoppy Father's Day

This Father's Day card is perfect for your home-brewing husband or other craft beer enthusiast dad. Featuring watercolor illustrations of all the ingredients and supplies that go into making a great homebrewed beer, this card also includes the punny message of Hoppy Father's Day.

All of Yardia's Father's Day cards are inspired by my relationship with my own father, and this one is no exception. Growing up in the 1990's Pacific Northwest, my dad was one of many folks entering the fairly new homebrew community that was just starting out at the time. I can remember our kitchen filled with the scent of hops and malt bubbling in my dad's giant beer brewing pot on the stove. I always loved being able to draw out labels for each of his beers to make them look more professional! After he retired (and once I was a legally drinking adult, of course) my dad gifted me all of his homebrewing supplies which I love to make use of today. It's a fun and delicious hobby that we share. 

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Thanks, Dad

This Father's Day card features a dad and daughter looking at a hand-constructed cabin in the woods, with axes and hammers in hand. The lumberjack styled dad is a fun complement to the little girl in her purple winter coat, both proud of their construction accomplishment. 

While my dad and I never built an actual cabin together, he was the person who bought my sister and I our first tool kits and taught us how to safely use power saws (and taught us the math required to make our constructions functional!) I was so proud when I designed and built a chicken coop and run by myself using the skills my dad taught me, and I'm even more proud of it now that it's kept my backyard chicken safe from rain, snow and raccoons over many years. 

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I've Learned So Much From You, Dad

This sweet Father's Day card features a dad reading a picture book to his young daughter in a comfortable and cozy chair. Does the book look familiar? I based the cover off of my personal favorite picture book, Miss Rhumphius by Barbara Cooney. Other details in the illustration include my cat, Petra, resting on the back of the chair, and a woodsy wallpaper in the background with a hidden image of my family's summer cabin that five generations have enjoyed together. 

This card is extra special because it reminds me of the early mornings in kindergarten when my dad would teach me how to read before he left for work each day, and the evenings when he would tuck my sister and I in for the night by reading or making up new versions of the Berenstain Bears series. I'm sure these memories of reading with Dad inspired my love for reading and my sister's future as a librarian and Young Adult author! 

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I hope these cards will inspire you to reach out to your dad this Father's Day and share how grateful you are for the impact he's made in your life. 


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