A Vision Board for Yardia's 2019 Year in Business

Do you create vision boards for your new year? This year, I decided to make one for Yardia to get a visual representation of my business intentions for the year. First, I imagined how the year might look and feel.


One of the most powerful experiences I've had has been to really sink into Tara Mohr's inner mentor meditation and visualization exercise. I recently led this meditation with a group of sixth grade girls to help them set intentions for the beginning of the new year (and for their second semester of school). If you have the book Playing Big, I suggest using the visualization to pay a visit to your inner mentor, or check in with your intuition to ask her these questions:


What can I focus on during this new year?

What color will guide me through the year?

What is one word I can take with me through the year?


Allow the answers to surprise you. Afterwards, use magazine collage to collect, arrange and put together a map of your intentions for the year. I displayed my finished collage in my studio so that I'll see it in the background every time I'm working. I'm curious to see how my vision board will influence Yardia's year in business!

yardia 2019 business vision board