Due to COVID-19 delays; shipping times can't be guaranteed. Learn more >> Due to COVID-19 delays; shipping times can't be guaranteed. Learn more >>
2020 Holiday Shipping Deadline

Make sure that your holiday orders arrive on time! Here is Yardia's 2020 holiday shipping deadline:

Order by Thursday, December 3rd

This year, I recommend ordering gifts no later than December 3rd for Christmas and Kwanzaa, and by November 19th for Hanukkah. Because of the pandemic, I won't be participating in any craft shows or holiday markets this year, so online shopping will be the way to go if you want to purchase from Yardia directly. 

Shipping Information

With disruptions due to COVID-19, recent and potential changes by the current postmaster general, and an even bigger transition to online shopping due to the pandemic, shipping times are even more unpredictable than the usual holiday rush of increased shipping volume and winter weather disruptions. This is why I'm recommending that the latest order date is AT LEAST 3 weeks in advance of holidays, birthdays or other events. That means ordering by December 3rd if you want to increase your chances of receiving an order by Christmas.

Of course, as in any year, shipping times can't be guaranteed, and once a package leaves my hands and enters the postal system, I have no control over the order and have exactly the same tracking information that you do. Like many other small businesses in the United States, I rely on the USPS and our hard-working mail carriers to be able to keep my business open. 

I've put some answers to frequently asked shipping questions on the Shipping Information for COVID-19 page, and on my FAQ's page.

Will the online shop stay open after the 3rd?

I'll be keeping the shop open after December 3rd and will ship items out on my usual Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, but please don't expect any order to arrive in time for Christmas if placed after the 3rd, especially if you're shipping outside of Seattle. 

With increased holiday shopping this time of year, occasionally items might sell out. If something sells out, it's unlikely I'll be able to get it back in stock before the new year, so shopping ahead of time is always a good bet.

What are some other options to purchase Yardia products in December?

If it's after December 3rd and you need a Yardia item prior to a holiday, what can you do instead? Here are some options:

Find a local gift or stationery store that carries Yardia products. You can find a list of over 100 independent retailers across the United States and Canada that carry my products on my Stockists page. If you're looking for something in particular, I recommend calling up your local store first, since most have a smaller curated selection of my line, and don't carry the full range.

If you're based in West Seattle (or don't mind making the journey to this accidental island I find myself living on), you can request porch pickup Mondays through Thursdays. Just leave me a message in the notes section at checkout with the day and general time you'd prefer to pick up, as well as an email address I can contact you at. Then I'll be in touch about pick-up availability and will refund any shipping charges.

Consider this your friendly reminder to plan ahead to have your best chances of a lower-stress holiday season! :)