I've collected some of the art education lesson plans, activities and handouts that I could find from my personal files over the 13 years that I taught middle school (grades 5-8) art and leadership. Nearly all of these activities can be adapted for adult use (especially the Art for Stress Relief files) and for family activities. Click on each category title to access the lesson files.

At the end, I've also included links to art education Pinterest boards I'd used to store even more art education ideas during my teaching years. 

I recommend starting with the Mindful Mandalas lesson, which can be created with a pen or pencil and copy paper, no skill needed.

Art for Meditation and Stress Relief

Lessons Include:
  • Mindful Mandalas lesson and video
  • Zentangle lesson

Drawing Lessons

Lessons Include:
  • How to draw a pastel flower
  • How to draw a charcoal landscape
  • How to draw an ink nature study

Collage Lessons

Lessons Include:
  • How to make a rose window collage
  • Leadership headpiece lesson
  • Masks of the World handout
  • Paper Manipulation tips handout
  • Symmetrical Paper Masks handout

Creativity and Leadership Lessons

Lessons Include:
  • Collaboration and Design Thinking Lesson
  • Collaboration Words Handout
  • Collaboration Sketching Exercises
  • Creativity and Risk Taking Activity
  • Creativity Takes Time Activity
  • Determine Your Core Values worksheet
  • Goal Setting Lesson
  • How To Set A Goal handout
  • Leadership Map lesson

Lead With Art Curriculum Guide

Lessons Include:
  • How to let go of perfection and grow your creativity
  • Blind Contour Drawing and The Beautiful Oops
  • Studio Habits of Mind Reflection and Rubric
  • How to Draw a Mindful Mandala
  • How To Map Your Leadership, a drawing and reflection activity

Pinterest Board Links:

These are boards where I collected lesson ideas, image resources and more for my classes when I was a teacher.