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Yardia is now on Faire

Retailers, ordering with Yardia has just gotten easier than ever! Yardia has partnered with Faire to allow for online ordering. I'm really happy to have an easier way to allow for my wholesale accounts to order online so I want to answer a few questions about using Faire. 

What are the wholesale terms?

Faire offers Net 60 terms for orders and also offers returns. If you're a retailer and sign up through my link, then Faire will also give you a $100 credit on my line as well as free shipping on your first order. 

Does Faire take a commission?

Some of my retailers have asked me if Faire takes a percentage of my sales. The easiest way to think about this platform is as a wholesale sales rep. It's a bit different from Etsy Wholesale in this way, if you used to order from me on that platform, which is great! If you access my shop through my link, or request that I send you an invite, then you'll be considered one of my Elevate customers. Faire only takes a commission on orders they source for me, so by being one of my Elevate accounts, then you'll know that all of your purchases will be fully supporting my small business (Faire won't take a commission.) 

If you don't go through my link and haven't worked with me in the past, then Faire takes a 25% commission on the first order and 15% on reorders, similar to how going through a sales rep would work.

Can I still order by email?

Of course! If you prefer to view my products on my main website or in my paper catalog, you're still welcome to send me an email with the products you'd like to order. I'll send you an invoice through Square in the same way as we've done in the past. Send me an email if you'd like a paper copy of the latest catalog. 

What are the benefits to retailers?

Some of my retailers have told me that some of the things they love about using Faire include convenience of online ordering, and the assurance that they can return any items that aren't working out for their stores. This allows them to try out new product lines to see how they'll do without a giant commitment. 

What are the benefits to makers?

On my end, I love that my line can be found by more retailers that I wouldn't otherwise have access to, and that I can have an online wholesale store without the pressure to build one myself on my own platform. Overall, it's been a great experience so far! 

If you're a retailer and would like to start a wholesale order, please find me at this link on Faire: https://yardia.faire.com

And as always, you can shop my online retail store here: https://yardia.co/collections/all