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Mother of Exiles: the story behind the painting

Here's the story behind this original watercolor painting which is part of the original art sale happening now in my shop. UPDATE: Although the original painting has now sold, you can still find it as an art print.

Although I now usually refer to this piece as my "moon mother" painting, this piece was originally titled "Mother of Exiles," in reference to a line in the poem by Emma Lazarus that graces the Statue of Liberty. I painted this to represent the simultaneous hope and fear that comes with leaving one place for the unknown, and especially in honor of immigrants and refugees that the poem and statue welcome. In the night sky of the painting, my grandmother is the moon, shining her light over two girls who walk a path through a burned forest in winter. The moon's arms gather around while her light guides them on their journey.

In indigenous Chamoru culture, our ancestors are known as taotaomo'na, the ancient ones, and they bring protection to their descendents living today. I like to imagine my grandmother and other taotaomo'na looking over me as the moon mother does in this painting.

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You can find this Mother of Exiles design as an 8 x 10 art print.