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Introducing Yardia Points

One of Yardia's core values is BELONGING, and that includes you! I'm happy to introduce to you a new way to belong to the Yardia community, the Yardia Points program.

Yardia Points rewards our very best collectors. You can earn 5 points for every dollar you spend at Yardia and receive discounts to apply to future purchases in return. 100 points = $1 off your next purchase.

How It Works:

1. Sign up. Click on the blue Rewards shopping bag icon that floats in the lower right of your screen to join for free.

rewards icon

2. Collect your points. Re-sign in to your points account each time you visit Yardia. Earn five points for every dollar you spend at Yardia when you're signed into your points account. You can also earn points for following @Yardia on Instagram and as a special birthday treat.

ways to earn points

3. Redeem your rewards. With every 100 points you earn, get a dollar off your next purchase.  

ways to redeem

The Rules:

1. You can't redeem or use your points rewards with any other discount offers (but you can still earn points even when using coupons or other offers!)

2. You must be signed into your points account to earn, so make sure to click that Rewards icon and sign in whenever you shop with Yardia!

Join Yardia and start earning points!