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Introducing the Tamanawis Collection

It's here! My winter 2019 collection, called the Tamanawis Collection, has arrived and is now available in the shop. Inspired by rivers and fishing in the Pacific Northwest, this collection features five new cards and a beautiful trout and salmon nature identification art print.

This is a collection I've wanted to create for quite some time, since I grew up fishing for salmon off the coast of British Columbia on my grandpa's fishing boat and fishing for trout on tiny streams in the Cascade mountains. Trout and salmon are such a strong part of the culture in both my family and in the Pacific Northwest as a whole that I knew I wanted to honor that experience through my artwork. Plus, I named the collection after the fictional Tamanawis River in my favorite book of all time, The River Why by David James Duncan. This is a coming-of-age novel set in an Oregon fishing family and has been a book I continue to return to annually since I first read it at sixteen.

New Trout and Salmon Art Print

The art print included in this collection makes a great companion to the growing collection of nature identification art prints you might have as part of your home décor. It features trout and salmon native to the Pacific coastal region, from Alaska to California. When I was young, I acquired a huge poster that identified fish in the West, and I'm sure it was one of the main inspirations that led me to create my own naturalist illustrations. What a wonderful way to come full circle!

New Greeting Cards

The greeting cards in this collection expand Yardia's offerings of birthday and slightly more masculine designs, plus introduce a few new requested cards for the upcoming spring season. With a few fishing birthday cards and a belated birthday card with the quintessential Pacific Northwest hiking companion, the banana slug, you'll never be at a loss for what to send to your favorite birthday girl or boy. I've also created a pet-themed sympathy card to honor the memories of family companion cats and dogs who have recently passed away. This is a card that I've wished I could send to friends who have lost their pets recently, and I know it's something you've been requesting as well. And finally, I couldn't create a fishing-themed collection without including a mama bear teaching her cubs to fish, perfect for Mother's Day this year.

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