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Boho and Celestial Home Décor: Introducing the Lunar Eclipse Art Print

This lunar eclipse art print came to be in as magical a way as the eclipse itself. The day after January's lunar eclipse (also known as the Super Blood Wolf Moon), a customer contacted me online, saying that she had previously bought my solar eclipse art print and would I consider creating something similar for the lunar eclipse?

Never ignore your creative spark.

I don't usually create custom work, especially for a print instead of an original painting, but this request sparked my muse. I responded to the customer that I couldn't believe I hadn't already thought to do this myself! Since I'd been working in front of my computer on marketing and business tasks all day, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a creative break.

It's okay to start again.

I had a vague idea in my head of what the lunar version of my prior solar eclipse painting ought to look like, so I quickly got painting in my studio. The first try didn't actually work out. The watercolor paper I was using didn't take the paint quite in the way that I wanted to, so after finishing it, drying it, and doing a quick mental critique, I decided to start over on a better paper surface. This time, it all came together just as I'd imagined. I pulled out the original solar eclipse painting to compare, made a few adjustments to the lunar painting so that they'd partner even better together, and then used the magic of Photoshop to edit my new art print and get it up online.

Introducing the lunar eclipse art print.

Four hours later, the lunar eclipse art print was online and ready to sell. This is why I always try to listen to my intuition when it tells me to start painting. I can get something I love created in these moments almost as if by magic, and it feels effortless even when I'm working hard. I was so happy with the final result of this painting, and that original customer was so surprised and thrilled. So were the other customers, new and old, who also purchased this art print for their own collections!
And now, so can you! The Lunar Eclipse watercolor art print and the Solar Eclipse watercolor art print are both available in the Yardia shop, and I couldn't be happier to see them there together. What are you waiting for?

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