Yardia Travels: Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone 1 Yardia

At the beginning of August, I took a week-long road trip from Seattle through three national parks and multiple states. My main intention with this trip was to drive some items I'd been storing for my sister to her new place in Colorado, but dipping my toes, so to speak, into these parks made me excited for future solo travel on the road. The first stop was Yellowstone National Park.

I'd never been to Yellowstone before, so after spending the night in Bozeman, Montana, I drove down to the West Entrance, excited to see wildlife and some geysers. This is the Madison River right along the road where I stopped to stretch my legs.

Yellowstone 2 Yardia

Without any real plans of where to go, the next stop was Fountain Paint Pots. Everywhere in Yellowstone was super crowded since it was the high season, so patience and good humor were definite musts within the crowds of people and traffic on the roads. The Fountain Paint Pots were an easy way to acclimate to the natural wonders of the caldera.

Yellowstone 3 Yardia

This is Fountain Geyser.

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The one place I really wanted to see was the Grand Prismatic Spring. It was so beautiful! The textures and colors of the hot spring were even brighter and more glorious than I had imagined. I'd love to come back some day in the off-season to spend a bit more time here without jostling through crowds. Even so, it was well worth it to see this natural beauty!

Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring - Yardia

After a cool and relaxing lunch along the shore of Yellowstone Lake, I continued a scenic drive across the park towards the East Entrance. My only disappointment was not seeing bison, but at the time I didn't yet know what would be in store for me on that count further into the trip. Next, down to Colorado and up into the Rocky Mountains!