Painting a Winter Camping Illustration

Illustration, Shop YardiaBrigida SwansonComment

I've been working on illustrations for the upcoming holiday season. Here's how I painted a winter camping scene in watercolor.

I started by brainstorming ideas for themes and text, focusing on traditional Christmas carols. For this painting, I'm going with the idea of "Oh holy night, the stars are brightly shining."

After drawing in the basic outlines, I painted the trees. 

I then painted the other main details of the tent and campfire. I chose to paint the tent red to give it a subtle Christmas feel.

Next I moved onto the night sky. I wanted to paint the Northern Lights, and struggled to find the right combination of colors to give a radiant effect. 

The night sky it a mixture of very wet watercolor paint in indigo and violet, with a bit of iridescent jade thrown in for some glimmer.

I used slightly more transparent purples, blues and pinks to paint the Milky Way. I then created the illusion of campfire smoke floating up to the stars and merging with the sky.

I decided to flesh out the mountains a bit more and used a stippling effect to make a pattern of snow.

And there you have it! This painting is pretty much finished and ready to have text added digitally. 

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