Painting a Ski Chalet Illustration

IllustrationBrigida SwansonComment

This is how I illustrated my Winter Wonderland ski chalet-themed card for this upcoming holiday season.


After sketching a few ideas in my sketchbook, I lightly drew out the basic outlines of my final design on illustration board.

I started out by painting the trees, testing a few different blends of green watercolor shades and trying several different brushes before deciding which to go with.

Here's how the illustration looks with the trees finished.

I painted the A-frame ski chalet next, using my liner brush to create a subtle wood texture on the front and roof.

I added a few colorful skis leaning up against the cabin, and finished of the door and window.

To make a pattern to symbolize snow, I mixed blues and purples with a metallic jade color and covered the mountainside with watery drops.

I used smaller dots and a metallic turquoise color to create a subtle path in the snow.

Here's the snowy landscape.

The final step is to paint the lettering...very carefully. I used my thinnest liner brush with as slow and steady a hand I could in order to paint the words.

This ski chalet painting is finished! Now it's on to clean it up in Photoshop in order to prepare it to be printed as a greeting card.

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