Yardia Travels: Rocky Mountain National Park

Yardia TravelsBrigida Swanson
Yardia Travels: Rocky Mountain National Park

The second stop after Yellowstone on my summer national parks road trip was Rocky Mountain National Park. Although I've been here before, I was excited to be able to drive the Trail Ridge Road, which has been closed due to winter snow conditions the last time I'd been here. This road traverses up into the mountains for alpine and tundra scenery.

We walked up to some interesting rock formations along a nature trail and learned a little bit about the geology of the mountains. The vistas were spectacular.

We saw a variety of animals, including several marmots and a herd of elk grazing on the tundra.

This is the staircase that leads to a peak of 12,005 feet above sea level. There's an informational sign along the way titled "Why Can't I Breathe?" to explain how the elevation is affecting your body. I was definitely feeling the altitude.

The view looking down from the peak. This was my second visit to the park, so I was happy to have been able to experience two seasons here: spring and high summer. I'm already looking forward to the next time I can visit!