How To Make a Ceramic Succulent Planter

Art EducationBrigida SwansonComment
How to make a ceramic succulent planter by Yardia

Today I'm going to show you how I make my sleepy kitten succulent planters out of clay. While I call it a planter, it could be used to store any small item like pencils, keys or other odds and ends.

You will need the following tools: A palm-sized lump of low fire clay, a wooden spoon, glazes and painting supplies and a canvas board to work on. You can also use a few clay tools like a needle tool or knife tool for any details you might want to add.

Start by wedging the clay. Then form it into a rough sphere.

Make a pinch pot by creating a thumb hole in the ball of clay and pressing gently on the walls as you rotate the clay in your other hand's palm.

The pinch pot should have fairly even wall thicknesses, with no areas too thin. This takes gentle practice. When satisfied, tap it down onto the canvas table to flatten the base. Make sure it is sturdy enough to avoid tipping over. 

Use a small plant pot to test the size of the ceramic planter. This is a 2.5" plastic pot.

If the planter isn't tall enough, you can press or pinch the walls further to raise the height.

Finish sculpting the planter by smoothing the interior and exterior with your fingers, or by gently tapping the outside with the back of a wooden spoon. If desired, you can use a plastic straw to poke a drainage hole into the bottom of the pot, or leave it as is.

Dry and then fire your clay pinch pot.

Glaze your fired bisqueware as you like. Here are a few of my planters ready to go back into the kiln.

Add your succulents or other plants and enjoy your new planter!

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