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It's that time of year again! As a middle school art teacher going into my eleventh(!!!) year of teaching, the end of summer brings with it a sense of anticipation, excitement and trepidation. Even more so this year, since I've also started a graduate program as a student, in addition to teaching full time and running a small business. Time management and efficiency will be more important than ever! In order to help this school year start on a positive note, I've rounded up several of my illustrated goods that will help keep myself together and stay productive. 

Carrying my laptop around from classroom to classroom can be a pain, but at least I can protect it with this cute Be Brave laptop case. It's the perfect way to get the school year started with practicality and motivation.

I've been using a variety of tote bags to carry my notebooks and lunch to school ever since I started teaching. This baby cow tote bag is inspired by a week-long student trip I once chaperoned to a working dairy farm. Since it was spring, there were plenty of baby animals to play with when we weren't milking the cows and goats. It was exactly my kind of field trip.

I'm a sucker for new pencil cases, and always find an excuse to buy a new one for my art supplies when traveling. That's why I'm thrilled to now be able to offer an entire collection of illustrated pencil cases and carry-all pouches! This watercolor succulent design is on trend and right up my alley.

I originally created this printable academic calendar for my own school use, and I've found it to be so essential to my teaching that I've updated it and added it to the Yardia digital collection every year since. I use this calendar to help me succeed at Don't Break the Chain goal setting and daily tasks, so that I know how regularly I'm working on my goals.

Print one out to get a full visual understanding of your curricular and academic planning, or start crossing off the days until summer break!

You can see the full Yardia School Essentials collection by clicking on the image below. Hope you have a successful academic year!