How the perfect card sparks the perfect love story

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As a product designer and greeting card illustrator, one of my favorite things is to hear how you use my Pacific Northwest greeting cards, art prints and gifts in your everyday lives. I hear stories via emails, comments, reviews and at in-person events about how much something you bought from Yardia made a meaningful impact in your home or in your relationships, and hearing these stories is just as meaningful to me.

With today being Valentine's Day, I want to share one of those stories, something that a customer told me at a recent craft fair. It made my day at the time, and I hope it will bring a little extra love to you on this day of love, family and friendship.

A couple was shopping together in my booth, when the wife, who was browsing my cards, began to shoo her husband away. "Go away, go shop somewhere else," she said to him.

After he left, she came up to me, card in hand. "I can't believe you have this card," she said. It was my "Bon Anniversaire, Mon Petit Chou" card, a French endearment of love that translates literally to Happy birthday, my little cabbage.

"On our first date, my husband told me that he wanted me to be his petit chou-chou. I didn't speak French, but I thought it sounded wonderful. That was forty-five years ago. This year, we took our first trip to France together. We spent a month traveling through the country and we just got back."

It's hearing these stories that make me so happy to create products that help you to connect to your loved ones in meaningful ways. When we find a greeting card that perfectly expresses our relationship, or says through words and pictures the emotions we haven't been able to fully articulate out loud, there's a special kind of magic that happens. Sometimes I make art for myself, sometimes I make art for others, and sometimes, without realizing it, I make art for one particular person, or for one particular relationship, that will someday be reconnected with the message they need in that moment.

If you have a story about Yardia cards, art prints or other gift products, please reach out and let me know. And if you'd like to find your perfect greeting card for your loved one, I invite you to discover if any of what I've illustrated was unexpectedly created just for you.