Makers Who Give

Shop Yardia, IllustrationBrigida Swanson

Happy Giving Tuesday!

I'm so grateful for your support of my art and my little independent business. When you support an artist like me, you help keep our creative community alive, and we artists want to give something back. This week, I'm grateful to partner with the collective Makers Who Give, and will be donating 10% of sales from my shop to charity through Friday. Every purchase you make from my shop will support the Refugee Women's Alliance. ReWA helps refugee and immigrant women and their families in the Seattle area. 

ReWA's mission "promotes inclusion, independence, personal leadership, and strong communities by providing refugee and immigrant women and their families with culturally and linguistically appropriate services." To learn more about the Refugee Women's Alliance or to donate or volunteer, visit www.rewa.org.

You can find all the participating makers on Instagram at #makerswhogive. Let's build a community together with love and action this holiday season!