5 Podcasts by Women Who Inspire Me

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5 podcasts by inspiring women

I love listening to podcasts. I have a boatload that I listen to on a regular basis, but there are a few that I choose to start my mornings with when I’m exercising or making art. These five podcasts focus primarily on women and creative entrepreneurship, which is what I’m most passionate about learning lately. I find that the episodes from these podcasts give me the inspiration to do more with illustration, to grow my business and feed me information that I pass onto my students in art and leadership classes.

1. The Lively Show

The Lively Show is my all-time favorite podcast. Jess Lively has a natural talent for drawing people into deep conversations about motivation, wellness and entrepreneurship while maintaining an upbeat and enthusiastic atmosphere. Her emphasis on living with values and intentions is right up my alley and it seems like each week the conversation is exactly what I need to hear to get myself motivated to up my game.

Start at the beginning and plow through the full archive. Or, try Episode #70: Turn Your Day Around & How to Say No with Alexandra Franzen. This episode came at a particularly key moment for me and did indeed turn my day around!

2. Being Boss 

Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon are two creative bosses in the fields of branding and design. On Being Boss, their entrepreneurship advice is spot-on and cuts through all of the non-essentials to get to their core messages: "do the work" and "give it all away." Between the two of them, they have a wealth of experience in building loyal communities, creating valuable content and collaborating with others to grow their brands. I learn so much from these two women about life and business each week.

Start with Episode #23: Giving It All Away

3. Elise Gets Crafty

Elise Blaha Cripe is creative entrepreneur, crafter and blogger whose interest in goal setting is what initially drew me into her podcast, Elise Gets Crafty. She talks about creativity, motivation and business in a way that shows her curiosity in a pragmatic and approachable manner. I especially like her "small biz discussion" episodes because they go into a lot more of the practical elements of running a creative business.

Start with Episode #59: Setting Goals

4. The Brave Exchange

Lucy Bourchier is a coach and blogger who produces weekly interviews with entrepreneurs and creatives on The Brave Exchange. Each interview goes into topics like overcoming adversity, transformational mindsets and personal definitions of success. I love how her honest and open conversational style makes me feel like I'm eavesdropping on a chat between two incredibly motivating people.

Start with Episode #11: Finding Yourself. Trust, clarity and the art of letting go with Carren Smith

5. Build Your Tribe

This is a podcast I love to listen to when I'm exercising or driving in morning traffic because Chalene Johnson has so much energy that she always gets me ready to take on my day. She has two podcasts, Build Your Tribe, which focuses on entrepreneurship, and The Chalene Show, which focuses more on health and life coaching. Both are great, but my personal curiosity interests tend more towards business-related information. Chalene has a lot of passion for exploring new social media platforms to market your business while promoting work-life balance. This is a great podcast for anyone who needs a shot of audio caffeine to get the motivation to start working.

Start with: Stop, Drop & Implement What You've Learned!